Search Within

Search within

The soul is never destroyed, it just gets transferred from one body to another with every life time, with every birth. The soul is that spark of light which gives you life, once the soul leaves the body, there is no life. This shows that the soul is That spark of light of the Creator that lives within you.

If the soul is within you, then to know yourself, your rights, your wrongs, the good and the bad, the path that you travel whether it is right or wrong, it’s all within yourself. To know yourself you need to move within you. No matter how hard you search outwards, till you don’t take the time to move within you will never know yourself.

Why do you need to know yourself? To grow spiritually you have to go within. To free yourself from the cycle of birth and death you need to go within. To connect with the without you first need to connect within. Take the time and go within, life will become much better and more understanding than you ever knew before. Let’s search within.


Learnings Of Life

As you all must be knowing, Earth is a place for souls to learn and grow. Its more a school than a home. We are sent down to complete our karma’s and to learn to know what is our ultimate goal.

For that we need to know ourselves first. Are we on the right path, are we positive, are we hurting someone intentionally or unintentionally, are we loving and caring, do we have patience, have we cultivated enough faith to face whatever we go through, and so much more to learn.

Keep a check on yourself more than you check out others, to know where you stand and how far you are from your goal. No one can help you, if you won’t help yourself. Give time for prayers, a few affirmations, some time to silence, and some time to spread your love. Let love and compassion fill your heart that you will always stay on the righteous path.

Let’s start to grow towards our ultimate goal.


Let’s Start To Love Again

You can see what what future holds for you even with shut eyes, by the way things are happening on Earth. And they will keep becoming worse till mankind realizes the need to see the truth.

Many of you know that when negativity rises, destruction reaches its peaks before things start to calm down. But by that time, so much would have taken place that life will never be the same again.

So before it gets too late and there is no turning back, start to care. Care for self, your family and loved ones, care for all of mankind and all his creations.

Let love and compassion be your message and start to spread it too. Love has the power to create miracles, but for the miracles to happen, you have to start loving too. Love has the power to remove all negativity, love has the power to forgive and forget, love can create miracles for you, so let’s start to love each other once again.


Having The Right Attitude for Living

Right from the beginning of our birth till this date we have been taught discipline, to respect others and to spread love, either through our parents, family, subordinates or our friends.

So what discipline is actually required?
Discipline to be on time at work, or discipline to get up on time, do you think only such disciplining is important?
No disciplining the mind to follow the path to righteousness is important. To avoid being egoistic, to avoid saying lies, avoid being envious of anyone, are a few things that we have to discipline ourselves.

Respect not only the elders or prominent people, respect everyone, all castes and all creed as each and everyone is born from The Creator Himself.

Love Unconditionally, without expecting anything in return. Love has the power to change a man’s heart. Love is the only emotion that will help you to change yourself. When your heart will be filled with love, there will be no place for hate.

So let’s discipline ourselves so that we can learn to love and respect everyone.



Know and Understand what is happening around you. Everything was first brought to a standstill, just like this world had stopped rotating. Then the environment around you started clearing up and nature started turning back to normal. Pollution reduced, animals started moving about freely, nature was at it’s best.

Mankind in the bargain was behind walls, confined to the 4 walls of their homes. Family members that stayed apart busy with their work schedules started spending more time with each other. Nature gave them too another chance to change their ways and understand the importance of a family. Those who understood the importance of being brought together, enjoyed even within the 4 walls and those who didn’t, just cribbed and learnt nothing from what nature wanted to teach us.

Now things have started to open up, and you may think that life is coming back to normal, but no, these few days have taught you something and that is to value each other. Keep that in mind, remove time for your family. Love and care for each other. Learn to forgive and forget cause life is never certain, today it’s there, tomorrow it may not be so.

God has given you this chance, learn from it and grow.


Living Life To The Fullest

Living life to the fullest

Living Life to the Fullest is a very contradictory statement. You have to understand what life is first, to live it to the fullest. Life is both matter and spirit then which life has to be lived to the fullest.

Let’s start with the Spirit, or our soul. It takes birth on Earth to complete a purpose, to complete incomplete desires, to get rid of our past life karmas and most importantly to try and reach higher realms. And as the soul only continues we should try completing what we have come for, to the fullest.

In the process of completing our spiritual growth, our material life may have many ups and downs but that doesn’t mean that you are not living it to the fullest. If your mind and heart is centered on your spiritual growth then these trival material ups and downs will surely not affect you.

You will be in balance with yourself, no material disturbance will disturb you. So center yourself with full Faith and Trust in The Creator, know that He loves you and does what is best for your soul to reach its goal and in this way you will live life to the fullest, both matter and spirit.

Mission to spread Love

What is most important for a person to survive? You would say food, shelter and clothing. Yes, these are our basic needs but there is something more than that.

Love, care and understanding are most important to survive in our world filled with hatred, criticism, egoism, jealousy and vindictive people.

A few words of care, a smile on your face, a touch of helpfulness can change the heart of anyone. It can bring a smile on a person’s face and loads of happiness in your heart.

So don’t wait for someone to bring a smile on your face, you be the reason to make someone smile. Money will come and money will go, but a place in someone’s heart will stay for the rest of their life.

So let’s start a new mission, a mission to spread love, a mission to make someone happy and a mission to make more and more people smile.

Tathastu tathastu tathastu


The Power of your words, The Power of Affirmations

Do you know the power of your speech? Words carry tremendous energy within them. Sounds of certain words affect people’s states, physiology, and moods more profoundly than others.

For example, isn’t it interesting how almost all religions use the AH sound when referring to their Saints or praying.

The AH sound is prevalent in all of the spiritual pathways because each culture understood the power of words and sounds.

So how does this relate to you? Yes, How can you strengthen your word?

We all have a power within us, which is connected with our higher self and The Creator. In some, this power is activated 24 x 7 and in some cases it has to be activated.

Positive affirmations ignite this positive power within us. But to do that, we have to have the Faith, the Strength, the Will and the Desire to activate this power.

As we all know that a part of The Creator is within us, it’s not impossible to bring about this positive transformation within us.

So to increase this strength that is hidden each one of us, let’s start with a few affirmations today.

I am That I Am strength, having the Ability to spread positivity around me.

I am That I Am strength capable of helping and protecting our loved one.

I am That I Am strength compassionate and caring for all His CREATIONS

I am That I Am strength that is spreading Unconditional love to all His CREATIONS

I am That I Am strength filled with Gratitude now and always.


Power of Faith and Fear

Power of Faith and Fear

Faith and fear are both very powerful, only thing that they are both opposite to each other. Faith is positive and fear is negative. Both have the power to manifest what ever you think.

Basically our thoughts are powerful, they have the power to manifest. If you fear something, then you constantly worry about it. When you worry, you are constantly thinking of it and that causes it to manifest.

Faith on the contrary shifts your attention and you think about the problem once and then you hand it over to The Forces to help you with it. If your faith is strong then you will surely find a solution for your problem.
Faith in The Creator should be so powerful that fear should have no place to stand beside you.

Faith in God is to – Focus Always Inwards & Trust Him. So lets have more faith than fear, let’s change our ways of thinking and things will change for the better in life.

Tathastu tathastu tathastu.


Something Everyone Should Know

Something everyone should know

One very important thing that mankind needs to understand and know is that they are just a part and parcel of the Creator. There is no single person on Earth who knows everything. And if there is such a person who challenges another that he knows everything, then know, either he is a fool or an egoist.

Some are born wise, some learn and become wise. Some are wise in material knowledge whereas some are inclined to spiritual knowledge. There can be no comparison and no one should be compared.

Judging one another leads to the downfall of the soul. No one should envy or be jealous of another soul. Everyone has their own pattern of growth and that should be respected by everyone.

Life is the best teacher and everyone has to learn from it and from each other. We have our Forces, Guides, Teachers, Gurus, Deities who are constantly looking after us and seeing to it that we grow ahead in life and do not faulter. Grow towards becoming better human beings and evolved spiritual souls.