Life Is Uncertain

Life is uncertain

What was there yesterday may not be there today and what is there today may not be there tomorrow, so cherish what you have right now as life is so uncertain you will not know what will happen the very next moment.

Finding joy in the smallest of things will make you feel happy and thats what you must start doing. Stop complaining as that creates an unwanted feeling within you.

If you knew what was in store for you, in this life you would have been upset over so many things and you would never be able to live and enjoy life. So accept life as it comes, there will always be a rainbow over your head.

With faith you tread and with love you accept, that life may be uncertain, but you have been given this life to love, live and care. Don’t waste it with troubled thoughts instead fill it with HIS SUPREME LOVE, and you will feel HIS love all the way, every moment and every day.



What is the purpose of your birth?

Why are we born and that too not once, nor twice but many many times, it’s a question to think about.

Is it to help people, or is it to fulfill your desires, or is it to enjoy the earthly planes. What is the reason?

The reason it to find your way back home. You were born from the Creator and till you finally merge back in the Creator you will be born again and again.

Then, you would think how is that possible,  nothing is impossible. And to reach Him, is much more easier than you think.

All He asks from you is to THINK OF HIM, BECOME HIS DEVOTEE, SAY HIS NAME AND BOW DOWN TO HIM and you will surely reach your goal. When with love and devotion you call on to HIM, the gates of light will open up and the your pathway moving towards HIM will be shown to you. HE will hold your hand and guide you all the way, all you need is to have faith and trust in your devotion, that He walks with you and guides you all the way.


Beginning With A Bash

Life is how you see it.
Think positively and with faith and life will be filled with happiness. Happiness does not mean lots of wealth, happiness means a feeling of contentment with what we have.

Moving Ahead with the times, adjusting with each other’s ways of life. Trying to cooperate with all those who help us and with whom we work with.

Looking after not only what belongs to us, but looking after this world which has been given to us as a blessing to help our soul to glow.

Life is your best teacher, learn from all the tough moments to know what went wrong and improve from it. Learn from all the wonderful moments, appreciate them and be grateful for getting this chance to be filled with gratitude.

Let’s change ourselves to being positive souls, filled with love and gratitude, walking the path of righteousness and beginning with a Bash each day of your life.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year and best wishes for the future.




Love is an emotion, a feeling that everyone is born with. Love is not lust, nor sex, nor expectations, nor a want. Love is warmth from your heart that is Unconditional.

Love is seen on the face of a mother when she sees her new born child. Love is seen through the sweat on the fathers forehead when he toils to feed and look after his family. Love is seen in the children’s touch when they give a helping hand to their parents. Love is seen in the family when they are together and exchange their daily talks. Love is seen amongst partners when they hold their hands, that shows they are always there for each other. Love is felt from your friends, who keep in touch with you over a letter or a phone call. Feel this love and know that you are blessed to get this love which is a gift to you from The Creator.

Love has the power to manifest anything that is pure. Love has the power to heal, love has the power to bring happiness and contentment in your heart. So feel this love and spread this love.

Know that you are on Earth because Divine Mother and Divine Father filled you with Their love and sent you to find and experience this love which They had felt when They sent you on Earth.




Life is filled with so many things to do, look after your house, earn your bread, keep in touch with family and friends and so much more.

In all this where are you? You are lost – no connection with your own self. When was the last time you took to listen to your inner voice, to sit in silence with a smile on your face, kept all your worries aside and sang a song or hummed it.

Life will go on, as time will wait for no one. Find time for yourself, because what matters most is yourself. Learn to give rest to your mind that is like a chatter box, find your peace within. Learn to love yourself as you are Gods creation and He has made you with His love. Learn to value yourself because you are unique and no one can take your place in this world.

So do find some time for yourself as its you who matters the most for yourself.


You Should Know When To Stop

So many of us are blessed with our own house to live in. Blessed to have enough money to maintain our house and our family. Blessed with the blessings of The Creator who gives us a comfortable life.

When we have all this, and the means to have a comfortable life, then we want more and more, much more than is required. When this more turns to greed and we get what we want using wrong means, that’s when we start loosing everything. Here everything may not be your wealth, but it means the blessings of the Creator. Then you may have all the wealth in the world but no happiness, no peace, no comfort of your own home. You tend to fall down spiritually and that is actually the downfall of your soul.

So know when it’s time to stop, know that family comfort and peace is more wealthier than any amount of money. Know that enough money and lots of love in the family is the best way to reach heights in spiritual upliftment. Let’s learn to care, love and support each other to have a better life both physically and spiritually.


Be Grateful For Everything In Life

Be Grateful for Everything in Life

Be grateful to your parents who may have lived a tough life so that today your life has become better than their life. Be grateful for the lovely family that you have as it is they who have taught you how to make this life a better place to live in. Be grateful for their love and their hatred as both have helped you to mould yourself into a better person. Be grateful for having wonderful children who love and care for you, as there are so many who have none and miss out on the chance of being parents.

Be grateful for the roof above your head and for the food on your plate, as so many do not even have that.

Be grateful for having wonderful friends in your life, for they help you to have some spice in your life.

Be grateful for the health you have, cause atleast you can stand on your feet and do your own work.

Be grateful for having the chance to earn a living, as today so many are jobless and helpless, that they find it hard to go on living.

The list “To Be GRATEFUL” can just go on and on, and be grateful that you have so much to be grateful for.

Be Grateful to God and Guides for being with you by your side in everything you do in your life.

Be blessed and stay blessed and be grateful for getting this chance for saying THANK YOU GOD FOR EVERYTHING.



Faith and devotion go hand in hand.

When we talk about Faith, we have to have faith in THE CREATOR and Faith in ourselves. If we have faith in THE CREATOR and not in ourselves we will not be able to understand what and why GOD makes us go through certain situations in life. And similarly if you have only faith in yourself and not in GOD, you will become more egoistic in nature.

When we have full faith in GOD, we surrender to HIM, and accept whatever situation we are in, with a smile. Having faith or surrendering to HIM doesn’t mean that you will face no problem, but you will have the strength to overcome any situation you are put through.

Let your love and devotion towards HIM grow so much and that will help increase your faith in HIM. Devotion will help your faith grow and your faith in HIM will make you more and more devoted towards HIM.

So come, let’s walk this path of life with lots of love, faith and in devotion towards HIM.


Face Your Challenges with Faith

Life is full of challenges and to face these challenges we need to have the courage to face them. Where does this courage come from, its not something we can buy from the market, this courage is within us.

Our courage, our strength is right within us, its just that we have to bring it up to the surface. With utmost faith and with the power of affirmations and prayers this courage will help us, in all walks of our life.

Being alert and cautious always helps but being positive, courageous and full of faith, we will be able to overcome all our difficulties in life.

Have faith, walk the path of righteousness, pray a little and see the change within you, everything will turn towards the best.

Always remember that we are never alone, God walks by our side and when need will be, HE will lift us up too, to make things easier for us to face our challenges in life.


Search Within

Search within

The soul is never destroyed, it just gets transferred from one body to another with every life time, with every birth. The soul is that spark of light which gives you life, once the soul leaves the body, there is no life. This shows that the soul is That spark of light of the Creator that lives within you.

If the soul is within you, then to know yourself, your rights, your wrongs, the good and the bad, the path that you travel whether it is right or wrong, it’s all within yourself. To know yourself you need to move within you. No matter how hard you search outwards, till you don’t take the time to move within you will never know yourself.

Why do you need to know yourself? To grow spiritually you have to go within. To free yourself from the cycle of birth and death you need to go within. To connect with the without you first need to connect within. Take the time and go within, life will become much better and more understanding than you ever knew before. Let’s search within.